Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are run at cost, so depending on the overheads for setting up and running the session (like room hire and equipment costs) there may be a small cost for the session. This is never more than £5 and concessions are available. Many Thinking Box sessions are free.
No. Although we try to create an atmosphere where everyone feels happy to contribute you can just listen if that's what you want to do.
All public sessions are listed on Meetup.com. You can book on to a session there and this will advise the host you will be attending. Most sessions also welcome guests turning up on the night but booking will secure your place.
The online facilitator training is available to all to begin immediately, simply register and get started. The second part of the training is a 1-day workshop and dates for these will be advertised soon.
At the moment I (Paul) as the founder design and write all the programmes. However many members of the existing groups suggest topics and videos and many have been used. As more people get involved our aim is to gather ideas from more and more and have the topics steered by all. Initially we may use a simple online platform to gather, vet and vote on ideas. We welcome input on videos and indeed on the selection process.
We did consider this but our current thinking is that as Thinking Box is a face to face discussion process we want to explicitly focus on this. There are 1000s of online topic discussions and many of them lack the humility experienced when discussing topics face to face. We do have an online discussion platform for our facilitators however.
All Thinking Box groups are self managed. We use the online platform Meetup.com to manage all public groups as this is one we have found most effective to date. Private groups can choose the approach that best meets their own needs. This might be a simple email list among friends or maybe a Facebook group (or similar) to notify of events and stay connected.
We run both Adult and Junior groups. You need to be 15 or over attend an adult session. For more information on Junior groups please contact paul@thinkingbox.info

If you have question that does not appear above or you would like further information on any of the points please email paul@thinkingbox.info and we will be happy to answer you.