Driverless Vehicles consultation

Thinking Box is one of 6 organisations to be selected by Nesta to consult the general public on driving innovation policy. If you like to be involved, find out below.

In a world that’s so fast-changing and with artificial intelligence creeping into our lives more and more every day, we’re gathering communities to join in the debate:

What’s the future for driverless vehicles?

We’re creating lively discussions on the ethics and dilemmas of this new technology and how we can drive related policy and respond to this change.

Some of the topics we’ll discuss will include

  • Who is to blame when there is an accident?
  • What about the impact on drivers’ jobs?
  • Who would you trust to make the right ‘life-saving’ algorithm programming decision? Is it companies? The government? The people?

Get involved in the policy conversation via a one off Thinking Box session

We are particularly keen to work with very diverse communities – Particularly anywhere where people’s voice are often not heard.

Hold a great event in your community. It’s easy. We’re here to help.

How it works

We watch the latest and best online video content, and hold facilitated friendly discussions where everyone can get involved and be heard. All our sessions aim to:
• Create a safe space for open dialogue
• Encourage people to listen to each other, as much expressing their own point of view
• Help people to develop critical thinking skills.

Find out more – Driverless vehicles discussion FAQs

How to Get Involved

We’re looking for community groups, employers, schools, colleges, debating societies… anyone who would like to get involved, and would like to give their members a chance to take part.
Please contact Thinking Box at including a little about your group and why you would like to be included. We’ll be happy to chat to you about getting involved.

Know of someone else who might be interested, we’d be happy to speak to them too. Please do forward this page to them.

Option 1 – Run An Event Yourself
You provide:
A venue
A computer linked to the internet and projector/screen/audio
Someone to lead the event
Refreshments etc

We provide:
The videos and discussion-points
A facilitator’s guide – everything you need to get started
A template publicity leaflet
Feedback Questionnaire

On-line training resources for facilitators
A free-to-attend Facilitator Training Session

Option 2 – You Host, We Facilitate
You provide:

A venue
A computer linked to the internet
Projector and audio if possible (we can help with this)
Refreshments etc

We provide:
The videos and discussion-points
A trained facilitator
A template publicity leaflet
Feedback questionnaire

Thinking Box is partnering with Talkshop as part of Nesta’s Everyone Makes Innovation Policy programme