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OK, three questions for Paul / Andy from your experience in venues hire and general finance:


– From experience is it possible to do a ‘standard’ session (intro, starter video, two main videos, ending video) in two hours? Financially it doesn’t seem worth it to be worth it for three hours in terms of venue hire.


– I need to make sure I break even comfortably. I want to charge £5 (easy in terms of collecting money) but this feels too much. Is £4 considered reasonable in your experience?
– Do you have a ‘first session is free policy?’

Finance and record keeping

– How do you track your income and expenses? What kind of records do we need to keep for accountability?
– What do you include as expenses besides venue hire, kit and refreshments? Do you include travel expenses as well?
– Is there a common ‘Thinking Box’ account that we all share or do we keep things separate for now?

Sorry for the question overload.