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    Weikai called me last night to say he has found a free venue in Eton which is in a pub. The rooms allows use of a separate function room and the punters simply buy drinks at the bar.

    There are a few such places around and they do provide a great opportunity for TB sessions. There are obviously a few things to be mindful of, most notably the effect alcohol might have on discussions! Pubs are very much at the heart of the community and so would facilitate another path of connectivity to potentially a broader and more diverse group.

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    Hi Mubashir,
    Best of luck with the conversation with Neal. One thing I think we should do it set up a new Meetup Group for each new group. This allows us to create the events ourselves and manage the group generally. It also distinguishes our offering and we can direct people to that page from our public site etc.

    I realise that Reason Coffee Shop have their own Meetup page and my thinking would be that Neal can promote TB events also on there, either separately or with a simple link to the TB meetup page. TB events would bring people to his venue and they can then join his group too.

    Happy to discuss further 🙂

    Cheers P

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    Hi Weikai,

    Timing, I would say that would be tight but possible if you had no break. Essentially it would just mean less small group and plenary discussion time. It isn’t ideal as the break time is valuable for deepening connections which is a key appeal for many – to meet people. A pub visit after might be the antidote to this 🙂

    I would charge £5. It is an easy round amount and actually very little for an evening out. I charge £2 for concessions. People who want to come wont mind paying in my experience. Groups are self managed and self financed so it is entirely down to you.

    Record keeping
    I simply have a little book which I keep a track of ins and outs, nothing more than that. There is no central account for group use. I suppose a group could set a (bank) account up if they felt it was needed? So yes, group finances will all be separate.
    I don’t include travel expenses.

    Hope this helps, keep the questions coming and call if you want a longer discussion 🙂 These are great, we are cutting new ground so it is important to find a sustainable way forward, to pave the way for the next groups.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)