Getting Started

Great – you are interested in giving Thinking Box a go, or at least finding out what it involves!

We hope that this section of the site and all its sub-pages will provide all the information you need to get started with relative ease. You can see the sub-pages by hovering over ‘Getting Started’ in the menu bar above. This page will also give you another way in while explaining each option in more detail.

Individual Taster Session
If you want to get an immediate sense of what you experience in a Thinking Box session you can try the Individual Taster Session. While this is not the same as a group session where you have discussions with other people it will give you an experience of the process.

Group Taster Session
If you have done that already the next best thing is to gather a few people together and take part in the Group Taster Session. You will see you can run either a 1-hour lunchtime session or a 2.5-hour evening session. All the programmes are provided along with basic instructions and facilitator notes. You can experience a full Thinking Box session almost immediately.

Registering as a Facilitator
If you and your guests enjoyed that taster session and you would like to run more of them on a regular basis then the next step is to Register as a facilitator. This will give you access to our resources and support for getting started. It will also give you access to our Facilitator Training Programme which would typically retail at over £2000 but is free to those committed to running Thinking Box sessions.

Facilitator Benefits
Visit Are You a Facilitator to see how becoming involved with the Thinking Box community of facilitators could help you and the great value you would provide for your community. We believe that novice and ninja facilitators can benefit alike.

Thinking Box for Everyone
If you would like to see how Thinking Box can be applied in almost any existing community of people visit Types of Group. We believe that Thinking Box can be used in any existing or new community setting so find out how on this page. Let us know if you disagree.

Find a Thinking Box
If starting your own group is not something you can do right now then maybe there is a public group near to you that you can join instead? To find out which public group exist visit Find a Thinking Box. We also provide details of the existing private groups so you can see how active our community is.

10 ways to support Thinking Box
If you feel aligned with what we are trying to do and want to offer some support visit 10 ways to support Thinking Box. There are a range of ways to help, some that involve a couple of clicks of a mouse up to running your own group. You may even want to help as a volunteer and for some current areas where help is needed visit Volunteering

Mailing List
If you would like to be kept informed of latest Thinking Box news from time to time simply subscribe to our Mailing List

Code of Conduct
Thinking Box aims to cultivate a non-hierarchical structure where each person involved embodies the aims and intention of the venture. The community will collectively cultivate and preserve this. To assist with this we will devise and maintain a Code of Conduct for all Thinking Box Facilitators