10 ways to support Thinking Box

  1. Like us on Facebook

Visit the Facebook public page and ‘like’ us. You will find all about the latest Thinking Box news.

  1. Tell someone about Thinking Box

If you enjoyed a session simply tell someone about it. Sharing stuff we have done is a natural process and people who like you will be curious. If you liked a video maybe share it with someone and tell them you saw it at Thinking Box. Or share the Facebook page

  1. Engage between sessions

Stay connected to other group members and continue to apply the lessons of the last session in your daily life. Met a first timer at a session – why not send them a message making them welcome and hoping they enjoyed it. Continue the discussion and enquiry into the topics discussed. Include other people in these discussions. Strengthen your awareness and practice the TB Habits. Join your local group’s Facebook group.

  1. Provide feedback

Feedback is essential to help us learn and grow so tell your host what you liked and what you didn’t. You can do this by rating the session on meetup.com (also via private message to the host) or send an email to paul@thinkingbox.info. We also love new ideas and suggestions for topics or great videos.

  1. Invite a friend to an event

If they trust you and you believe they will be able to gain value for themselves or provide value to other guests – invite them to a future session.

  1. Volunteer locally or centrally

All local groups require support to provide great sessions for local people. Most are supported by the work of just one person. Any help is very welcome and appreciated. TB is a movement and so we disseminate best practice and share what works. Many central functions are required to support the movement and to enable all groups to flourish. So if you have special skills and like what TB is trying to do then let us know

  1. Donate money

TB is not for profit and volunteer run. All local groups cover their own costs and aim to be free at the point of use if possible. But TB does need certain central support and donations will help provide this. Website, Meetup subscriptions, administration of the organisation and finances. All contributions help us provide Thinking Box to more people.

  1. Organise a taster Thinking Box session

The best way to give people an experience of TB is to run a session for them in your own community, home, workplace or place of learning. You can either host one yourself (if you feel able) or you could invite a trained TB facilitator to run a taster session for you.

  1. Train as a facilitator

Already got experience facilitating or running a meeting then this might be for you. Even if you haven’t Thinking Box sessions are designed to be easy to run at minimal effort. It is a great way to contribute to others in your existing communities and learn a lot about interesting topics and other people.

  1. Run or help to run a group

Running a group is not that difficult. You can organise and facilitate your own group or be the organiser for a group and book a trained Thinking Box facilitator to lead it.