Thinking Box is 100% volunteer run which means everyone in the organisation donates their time free of charge. Our donations go only to pay for community infrastructure (such as website subscriptions) and equipment.

We are therefore reliant on people being personally aligned with our mission and interested in helping out in our community.

The primary and singularly most important and useful volunteer role (and possibly the most fun) is to host/facilitate a new group. For information on this see Getting Started

Below are just a small sample of stuff that might need to be done but it is not exhaustive. If you think you have skills that would help us then please do get in touch. In the first instance please email paul@thinkingbox.info

  • Organise social events
  • Local marketing strategy
  • WordPress web developers
  • Treasurer (for local groups and Thinking Box International)
  • Testimonial collation (written or video vox pops)
  • Press liaison
  • Social media promotion and presence (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Meetup etc)
  • Volunteer management (strategy and execution)
  • TB Programme research and development
  • Venue sourcing, strategy and liaison
  • New group starter pack and liaison
  • Legal framework and management
  • Brand management and design
  • Critical thinking integration and learning developer