Are you a Facilitator?

Why become a Thinking Box Facilitator?

As a facilitator you take the lead in making each Thinking Box session as beneficial as possible.

You will get a sense of fulfilment in seeing participants learn, develop their emotional intelligence and form lasting bonds of friendship and support. This is a powerful and important experience for people in a society that is often isolating and alienating. Knowing that you have played an important role in nurturing a sense of community is in itself deeply rewarding.

You will be fully immersed in the group learning experience. As the facilitator, you will be developing your own emotional intelligence, learning about group dynamics, cultivating empathy and honing your own critical thinking skills. Observation shows just how much this role is appreciated by other group members.

Most of all, it will be fun. Learning is fun and being at the heart of an engaging, entertaining and good humoured movement of enquiry and change takes that to another level.

Existing facilitators – Promoting the value of process
Whether a qualified and highly skilled facilitator or not you will already be aware of the importance of an effective process when in a group of people. We have probably all experienced a meeting with no direction or outcome.

One of the challenges of being a facilitator can often be convincing others of the importance of having a good facilitator at all – the need to look after the process. At Thinking Box we firmly believe that good process is essential to create the desired safe environment and that everyone should have access to these kind of functional spaces. Thinking Box we hope can provide an easy way for existing facilitators to apply their skills in their existing communities and promote the value of the facilitator skills generally. It will also allow a wider audience to see your skills too.

Many professions have open source outlets for their skills but we know of no other for facilitators(?) It would be great to gather all the best existing facilitators into a collaborative venture and provide greater sharing and learning opportunities for that body. The value of collaboration among those who facilitate collaborations is obvious and exciting!

Practical benefits
The Thinking Box facilitators belong to an supported online network on this site and so you will get access to a lot of collective wisdom. The potential for regular face to face conferences, training workshops and local meetings is obvious. The need for extensive preparation is removed as programmes are provided centrally which means we take the labour out of the preparation and allow you to do what you do best – the face to face work.

Getting started
If you are interested in getting started today visit Getting started