Individual taster session

We have two online taster sessions.

The session below is if you are viewing as an individual. This one obviously does not have any group discussions but it does give you a good flavour of a typical programme and give you a chance to reflect on the video content with some questions to consider at the end of the video.

If you would like to run a group taster session with friends, family, colleagues or any other group of people then please follow the link below. This will introduce all the videos and present you with all questions and brief instructions for the small group and plenary discussions. You can try a 1-hour session or a 2.5-hour full session with a break in the middle.
Click here for the Group taster session

This session is if you are viewing alone and want to get a sense of how a Thinking Box session runs. This session comprises of:

An introduction from Thinking Box (2 mins)
An introductory short video (3 mins)
A feature discussion video (4 mins)
Some questions to consider related to the feature presentation
A short heart-warming video (1 min)

Welcome to this sample Thinking Box session. While Thinking Box is very much a face to face discussion process we hope this online taster session will at least give you an idea of what is available at a session.

Introductory video
This video is shown near the beginning of a session to introduce the process and aims of a session. We will try and replicate the structure in this individual session as best as we can

Introductory short
We always show one or two short videos to provide some initial stimulating input. This one is about the benefits of a walking meeting:

Feature presentation
Our feature presentation is from Alisa Miller who in a short but powerful TED talk introduces some fascinating facts about (in this case US) media. Is all news in the media carrying a bias of some sort – what do you think?

Possible discussion questions
The following questions would then be presented for discussion in small groups of 2 or 3 people. For this exercise, you might choose to enter your answers into the boxes provided. We hope to be able to provide a summary of these submissions for people to subsequently reflect on in the simulated plenary discussion below.

Plenary discussion
We then open up the conversation to everyone to allow group conversations to be shared. In this instance simply imagine how someone you know might have answered the questions differently to you. Maybe pick someone with a very different background to you and imagine why it might be that they have come to hold a different view to yourself. Once we have compiled a few of the responses to the questions above we hope to provide a link to these which people can then reflect on.

Heart warmer to finish
We finish every session with a short video that hopefully reminds us of some of the joys of life.

We hope you enjoyed this short taster session. If you did, why not gather a few friends or colleagues together and take part in our Group taster session? This will give you a chance to sample a real Thinking Box session.