Register as a facilitator

If you would like to run your own group or facilitate Thinking Box sessions for other hosts you can enroll for our facilitator training.

Facilitator training consists of

  • An online training course valued at £650 consisiting of 18 units of short input videos followed by reflection exercises. This course will allow you to access your existing facilitation skills and cultivate new ones. This self-paced online course takes about 7 or 8 hours to complete. The course can be done at your own pace over days or weeks to fit in with your existing schedule.
  • The online course will be followed by a 1-day classroom workshop training valued at £850 where you get a chance to practice the skills you have developed in a safe and supportive space with other trainees. While Thinking Box sessions are designed to be run by anyone, the facilitator training is an opportunity to develop and grow as a host and provide futher benefits to your own guests.

The training looks at

  • different leadership styles
  • the role of the facilitator
  • initiating and inviting
  • creating a space that encourages discussion and growth
  • facilitating small groups
  • facilitating the plenary session
  • how to maintain focus in a group
  • the skills of a critical thinker

The skills that you will learn as a Thinking Box facilitator will not only qualify you to run Thinking Box sessions but will also prove highly valuable

  • in meetings
  • at work
  • in social situations
  • at conferences and seminars

If you are interested in facilitator training please email me to find out how