How a session works

How a session works (1.51)

Powerful video input
At Thinking Box we watch and discuss carefully selected videos in a facilitated safe space.

Discussion questions
After each feature presentation we provide a few possible discussion questions. These are a guide only and you are free to discuss any aspect of the video that calls to you

Small group discussions
Our first discussions are in small groups of 2-3 people only. This gives more time for each person to express their perspective, it is also optimal for the collective thinking process. It is chance to practice really listening to others and giving free attention

Plenary discussion
We then open the discussion up to everyone to allow group conversations to be shared. We like to hear from a range of people and so try to be concise and allow others to speak too. Listening to and picking up on the points raised helps the conversation to progress and the facilitator will help with this. Often, key conclusions and the best ideas will rise to the surface.

Listen to understand not judge
Thinking Box is about expanding our awareness and understanding of subjects and other people, much more than persuading others of our current view. So be open to changing your mind based on any new information and always be respectful of other perspectives. We may hold different views but with an open and enquiring mind we can begin to see why and show empathy. So always challenge the idea rather than the person themselves.