Why we need you

We hope that Thinking Box will benefit you in many ways but by being involved you will also be making a contribution to us and other people. We need you because you have a unique perspective and we want to hear it, everyone is an expert in something. In cultivating a world that works for everyone the more diverse and comprehensive the perspectives heard, the more accurate the picture becomes. You have a right to have a say and in the Thinking Box culture people are ready and willing to listen to you.

We also need you to get talking with others and help create grass roots conversations on what you care about. Your voice is an important contribution to a people’s narrative which can weaken the power of the media driven one and the voices of people with strong vested interests. If you stay quiet then you can bet someone else will speak on your behalf, but not necessarily in your interests.

But speaking is only one half of communication and at Thinking Box we cultivate a listening culture in which people can feel safe to share thoughts and ideas. So simply coming along, actively listening, showing empathy to others and helping them feel heard is of huge value. Taking on personal or global challenges can be a lonely road at times and your listening ear can provide vital moral support for others who like you are keen to serve the greater good. Free attention, acknowledgement or even a new friend can be a life saver to someone.

At Thinking Box we practice critical thinking and so the more people we have looking at a topic the better our chances of spotting erroneous thinking. We all do already think critically when researching what film to see or what product to buy but less so it seems with matters of social importance. With your critical eye helping we have a better chance of reaching the objective truth.

And finally we need you to be another actively engaged citizen because such people provide inspiration to others just by being involved. This will help engage others and encourage even more of us to work together towards a world that works for everyone