Thinking Box for Extinction Rebellion

Welcome to Extinction Rebellion members

This page provides all the current programmes available and links to training and support material to help you run deliberative sessions in your community.

XR Programmes

Suitable for groups with XR members
To help you see what is available there are 5 programmes that we think may appeal to XR members, local or affinity groups.

Programme 1 XR approach, key questions and criticisms and How to start a movement
In this session Paul from XR provides a take on XRs approach alongside key questions and criticisms aimed at XR participants during the April rebellion. It is your chance to reflect on these and what the best responses are and to feed in your thoughts via a survey at the end.

Programme 2 Exploring sortition and Cultivating inclusivity
In this session Brett from the Sortition Foundation explains sortition which is a key aspect of Citizens’ Assemblies (XR’s 3rd demand). We discuss its merits and drawbacks and possible pathways towards its introduction.

Programme 3 Inner development for a better democracy and How to listen better
In the first half we hear about the Nordic Secret and amazing story of transformation of a whole culture. Do we look for outside authority in times of uncertainty? Is personal inner development a necessary part of creating a better democracy? We take a look at how they did it and ask what it might mean today.

Programme 4 Exploring shame and 3 ideas for a better democracy
In the first half we listen to a classic TED talk from Brene Brown on listening to shame within ourselves. What is the difference between shame and guilt and how does it affect us? How is shame triggered and what are the antidotes we should cultivate? Very useful for developing XRs eighth principle.

Programme 5 How important is play in a regenerative culture?
In this session we will watch a powerful talk about the value of play in human lives – not just children. There is some science to look at and discuss and also aspects of play that help us learn and function. What conditions work best and how best can we incorporate play into our lives. As always a great chance to reflect and share tips.

Public Programmes

Suitable for all groups

Public Programme 1 Heading for extinction
This session is a chance to hear what a new movement called Extinction Rebellion (XR) is doing to help tackle ecological breakdown and the climate crisis. We will watch a video summarising the science and why XR think civil disobedience is required. We encourage you to come with an open mind to find out what they are saying and express your reaction to it. Our process will allow for all views to be shared. The session will include small group and plenary discussions and an anonymous survey.

Public Programme 2 How unequal would you like the world to be and The power of sharing stories
In this session we will firstly look at inequality and present some interesting survey results on the difference between perception and reality. How equal would you like the world to be and if different from now, how can that change happen? It also asks an important question about the basis upon which we make decisions – fact or perception?

Public Programme 3 Dare to disagree and How to buy happiness
In the first half we explore what it takes to challenge convention or to disagree with someone constructively. What skills do we need to develop personally and in the culture?
In the second half we will hear how we can spend our money to maximise our own happiness. Can we actually buy happiness.

Facilitator Training

You are free to pick up an run with any of the above programmes. However if you would like some more support, the facilitator training is available. It will support your development as a host and comes in the form of a series of short videos. There are also supplementary online exercises to help deepen your learning. For the facilitator training click here